Sasebo Burger

The first burger's been brought to Nagasaki by American military.(not sure)e0043216_1574235.jpg
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The vinegar bar

tasted vinegar + soy milk

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The fire works

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My first work

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New Shrine in China Town, Yokohama

In 2003, there was a plan to build a high-rise apartment building in the south end of Yokohama Chinatown, where the Chinese consulate used be located during the Qing period.

Local residents have stridently opposed to this plan, because they knew that it was required by law in Japan that when you build an apartment building, you have to provide a parking space for each resident within the same premises.  This would increase the local traffic in China Town on the weekends when it is most crowded with tourists.

Also, it would be very difficult to hold traditional/seasonal festivals because of the loud noises of drums and firecrackers that accompany the events.

The residents stood against the developers, then finally bought them out to build a shrine.

When the shrine was under construction, a lot of old bricks were unearthed underground which was a surprise.  The experts have been studying the bricks and believe that they were made before the Great Kanto Earthquakes in 1923.  The ongoing research is conducted by the Yokohama Archives of History and the bricks are now being used as part of the bell tower in the shrine out of respect for the local Chinese culture.

The new shrine has been named the "Yokohama Maso Byo" and is a place to worship the Chinese Sea-goddess, "Maso."
It will be a new symbol of Yokohama China Town along with the existing "Kantei Byou" shrine.

An opening ceremony of the Maso Byo shrine was held on March 17, 2006.

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Princess Kiko getting PG

After the news reports on the Expectant Princess Kiko, some people thought that the couple are too mean to Princess Masako.
Because Princess Masako had taken a long time to have a baby after she was married.
Everyone expected a boy as the heir to the throne.
People here in Japan celebrated the new baby that was born in the Imperial family, although it was a girl.
They knew Princess Masako had been struggling to have a child and was under a lot of pressure from the Imperial Household Agency.
However, the Imperial Household Agency has not been satisfied that it was a girl, and that Princess Aiko will ascend the Imperial Throne.
There has been no female Empress for the last 200 years.
Some people can't accept new ways, some people think it is coming to the point where it can't be avoided by changing the Imperial Household Law.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Koizumi is in a hurry to try and change the law.
Because his term expires next September.
He is attempting to revise the laws that ordinary citizens are less interested in.
Some of the most interesting issues for us are such as insurance, reduce birthrates, education, and taxes.
He ought to know.

The Imperial Household Agency hopes to have a boy.
But they think there is no hope for Princess Masako to have a second child.
Finally, Princess Kiko was able to get pregnant. (They need a permission to have a baby?!)
This will be their third baby.
What if it's a girl again?
They are only a symbol of Japan.
This issue only bothers certain group of people in Japan.
For me, taxes are more are issue than a Royal child.

Feb. 22, 2006

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St.Valentine's day

In Japan, women send chocolates to their boyfriends or their husbands.
Also sometimes they send them to the bosses or colleagues to express a "thank you" to them. It's called "GIRI CHOCO" (Duty Chocolate).
This is the Japanese custom of sending chocolate from women to men.
Originally, one chocolate product company started to promote it in order to sell their products, then this custom spread among people in Japan.
As a result, it was succeesful.
After many years, the candy association made a day on the 14th March called "White day" that men send gifts to women.
Giving a gift from men to women on White day would be like candies (means he likes you), marshmallow (means he dislikes you), or other more expensive gifts like jewelry. (means he loves you?)
The trend of this year is that a lot of chocolate companies produce their products for that day.
They are invited to open their shop temporarily only for Valentine's season at department stores.
These shops are from all over Japan, some of them are from other countries like Belgium, France and so on.
Recently a lot of women tend to buy these luxury chocolates for themselves and enjoy them by themselves.
They never send them to men who don't understand the taste or the flavor.
Before this kind of custom began, people realized that Japanese women were too shy to tell men their affection for them.
Therefore, that promotion seemed to work and helped them.
However, the recent trend shows things have been changed between men and women.

Feb. 14, 2006

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Birthday Party at SELAN


e0043216_13403444.jpge0043216_13412924.jpgカニ! ミソにレモンを搾って超美味♪

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Kamakura 鎌倉




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QUEEN + Paul Rodgers


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